Wednesday, August 8, 2012

REVIEW : Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

At first I wasn't interested in doing review for this stuff, since it's a classic product everybody might have. But, after an accident I got this morning, I decided to review it!
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

I bought this from Drolly Pop, my favorite online store for years, at a very bargained price. I only have to pay IDR 125.000 (USD 12.50) for this humongous jar of 368gr!

I was very shocked when I received this stuff, since I never thought it'll be this big! It'll surely takes forever to run out.
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly - Comparison with my own hand
I actually bought this one to heal my cracked heels and extremely dry elbows, but it's very greasy so I often skipped applying this :p
Well, it surely did excellent job for healing cracked skin. xDD
Inside the jar

Details of product

And, about the accident I got this morning... 
I was making a cup of coffee back then when the cup slipped from my hands and fall on my leg. As you would guess, the hot water splattered and burned my skin. It's very painful that I panicked so much.
After I cooled down my leg with cool water, I applied a generous amount of product on the entire burned skin.
I still felt the pain even after I took a short bath, and it's also stings even when I touched it gently. My leg's skin was very red too.
I told my big sister about the accident, and she herself seems hard to believe that Vaseline will help much.
I only hoped it'll prevent burn marks, however.
On the evening, however, I was very surprised to see that my leg is fully healed already! It's no longer stinging when being touched. Not even a single burn mark there. It's as if I never got burned in the first place. I was so amazed by this product! I am so glad I've got this beforehand.

Well, maybe I was late to know about this. But I think there are a lot of people out there who are yet to aware about this purpose. That's why I decided to post this. ;D I also recommend you to keep one, just in case.
I've also read the other purposes of this product, especially household purposes, but I've yet to try it. xD

Pro(s) :
-Works well, just like what it claimed to be

Con(s) :

Repurchase? YES! If I ever run out of mine (which seems to take forever to run out)

Do you have this product at home? What are you using them for? I would be glad if you'd like to share it with me!

See you guys later!

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