Sunday, November 18, 2012

REVIEW : Majolica Majorca Compact Powder Case in "Gold"- Limited Edition

As I've said in my previous post, I will show you the detailed look of my cute powder case. I bought it for IDR 150.000 (USD 15). Pricey T^T
My face powder is actually from AquaLabel range, but the case I love is this one, from Majolica Majorca. I mean, who can resist its cute design? I feel like a royal family member holding this super cute case. Okay, I'm exaggerating things.. lol
The case is actually intended to hold Shiseido Majolica Majorca Skin Remake Pore Cover Powder Foundation, however, any kind of Shiseido's powder can fit into this case.

The case comes within a mica box package; reminding me of Urban Decay's packagings. Unlike UD's mica box, Majolica's box has some sort of ornamental drawings on it. It's too visible, but it can be found in the pic above. There's also some short product description at the back of the mica box, but it's in Japanese. I can't understand them ><

Alongside the product description, there's also an instruction picture of how to attach or detach a refill pan. It's pretty easy to follow!

Measurement : L 11.5 cm x W 5.5 cm x H 1.5 cm (approx.)
Material : Plastic
Mirror? : yes
Color : Top Lid -Pale Gold; Base -Ivory

Its design makes the case looks like being made from some sort of metal or aluminium. Looks heavyweight too. However, it's actually made from a very lightweight plastic. It's still lightweight even after a powder refill being put there! And, although there's a pretty big mirror in it, it's still lightweight.

My AquaLabel powder after being put inside the case (I lost my sponge when I took this pic >___<)

Details of how to attach or detach the refill pan. You can see there's a small "cut" at the inner lining of the case, so your finger could reach the pan and lift it. It's just as simple as replacing batteries in a remote!

Despite its light weight and plastic material, the case doesn't look cheap at all. It feels so luxurious instead. The snap-click closure is very tight, and I'm pretty sure it's sturdy and will last long. The only thing I dislike from this product is its bulkiness. The case is pretty wide that the powder and sponge were stored side by side. It'll be purse-friendlier if it was made as a stack. Oh well, it's not like I'm going to bring it along with me anywhere I go (except if I go abroad, of course!). I'm not the touch-up girl type. Lol

Pro(s) :
-Cute design <3
-Easy attachment

Con(s) :

Repurchase? No. One case is enough!

Reen <3


  1. the case is really pretty ^____^

    I think it worth the price since it's really pretty yet elegant (not cute)

    1. "elegant"!! I'm struggling to find the right word to describe this thing until you point it out T^T
      Thanks for the reminder :p

      Well, I have to admit the price is equal to its usage time :D

  2. the case is superb pretty..


    1. indeed. ;D

      I've followed your blog.. follback ya dear.. :*

  3. Replies
    1. sesuai harga.. T___________T <-- ga tau mau sedih atw seneng sama

  4. Casenya gimanaaaa~ gitu.. elegant+sweet+girly... >,<
    tapi sayang ya kalo dibawa kemana" takut rusak... hikss.. :p

    btw, check my blog ya reen.. :D have sumthin for you.. hheee~

  5. it's pretty sturdy sih.. haha.. sesuai sama harganya..



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