Friday, November 9, 2012

FEATURED : Our 2nd Year Anniversary

I know this isn't beauty-related, and you might find this thing unimportant at all. However, I really wanna say to myself :


Yeah, today; November 8th 2012 is my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend. Just a short time, I know. But I do believe our relationship will last forever. We take our relationship seriously, and we've already consider about future marriage. We're both in our 20s now; especially my boy. He's already 24 years old. And me? I will be graduating soon. Marriage isn't too far.

Okay, let's dismiss all the marriage idea now. My boyfriend, to my surprise, take a day off today from his office. He's always a great actor for this kind of thing! He pretended he's at office, while then he called me at noon and said he's at my campus!! I have to admit that I'm really surprised and happy. Lol.

No anniversary presents this year. We did exchange gifts last year, but then we realized its not an important thing, so we skipped the idea of gift giving this year.

On evening, we went to Mall Taman Anggrek (TA for short) to have our dinner at our favorite Japanese Restaurant, Hachi - Hachi Bistro. We really love their specialty; fusion sushi. We ordered my must-have Club Salmon Roll, Black Dragon Roll, and Katsu Cheese Parmesan Fettuccine. We also took some pictures, but, since I only got my Blackberry with me, the pics I took are all not too good. Better quality pics are taken with my man's beloved Android phone; HTC Desire VC. 
Note : pictures from my man are watermarked with his name, while taken by me are watermarked with my blog link. WARNING!! Camwhore alert!!

Our Foods (left to right) : Club Salmon Roll, Black Dragon Roll, Katsu Cheese Parmesan Fettucinne

Katsu Cheese Parmesan Fettucinne

Club Salmon Roll and Black Dragon Roll

 We eat a lot!!!! T^T This is why we're curvy fat!! T^T
Anyway, unlike other sushi restaurant, Hachi - Hachi's price is really reasonable. These two sets of sushi, and a pasta, along with two cold ochas which made our tummy full, only costs us less than IDR 200.000 (USD 20.00).

After having our dinner, we went around the mall, window shopping through gadget shops and also to Zara, our my favorite brand. We really had fun today. We do look forward for our next eventful date; Christmas <3 <3

Alright.. It's midnight already. I'll go to sleep. I have morning class tomorrow. See you guys soon in another post!

Reen <3


  1. happy anniversary :)
    Hachi-hachi is my fave restaurant too~

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love sushi and japanese foods so you really are making me hungry! Lol

  3. Thanks a lot girls.. :* yeah sushi and japanese food is indeed my favorite, especially the ones at Hachi2.. lol


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