Saturday, November 10, 2012

REVIEW : Chanel Rouge Allure in #95 "Enjouee"

My first real high-end lipstick! My mom also have this lipstick, but in another color. I can tell because of its unique packaging. Mine, it's number 95 "Enjouee"

Chanel Rouge Allure in #95 "Enjouee"

Chanel Rouge Allure in #95 "Enjouee"

Chanel Rouge Allure is packed in a click-like tube, with gold base and glossy black cap. To open it, you just have to push the gold base so it'll pop out for you to pull out. It's really great that it'll prevent the cap to loosen out on itself, and it feels luxurious too!

About the color itself, #95 Enjouee is coral red which leans pink when applied. The look on the tube is very intimidatingly bright, but it's more like muted when on lips. It has a satiny, velvety finish. Very pretty. There's a tiny shimmer in it, but in really sheer amount.

Chanel Rouge Allure in #95 "Enjouee" - SWATCH

Unfortunately, I found the formula is a little bit inconsistent. Sometimes, it feels moisturizing, but sometimes it'll dry my lips shortly after I apply it. I need to dab a huge amount of my lip balm before applying this. However, it's really easy to blend, to achieve an even application.

It's quite long lasting too. It stays for about 3-4 hours before it starts to fading.

I'm using the lipstick, and then line my lip lines with nude lip liner, creating a tint-like finish <3

Pro(s) :
-Easy to Blend
-Luxurious Packaging
-Long lasting

Con(s) :
-Inconsistent formula; surely need to apply lip balm underneath

REPURCHASE? Well, I want another color. 

Reen <3

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