Friday, September 7, 2012

REVIEW : Essie Summer Collections 2012 in "Bikini So Teeny"

The next color I use from my Essie set is "Bikini So Teeny". It's a lavender-based light blue. It's my most favorite color from the set. :D

Essie Summer Collections 2012 - Bikini so Teeny

On my nails, it turns out the same like in the bottle. I like it better on my nails, compared to Fear of Desire.
Essie Summer Collections 2012 - Bikini So Teeny [DAYLIGHT SWATCH]

Essie Summer Collections 2012 - Bikini So Teeny [NIGHTLIGHT SWATCH]

However, the texture is rather worse than Fear of Desire. It's a lot runnier, and I find it hard to even it out on nails. It's also sheerer than Fear of Desire. I need 3 coats to make it opaque, while I only need 2 coats for Fear of Desire.
The brush.. It's also bad. :( It's flimsier than Fear of Desire's, giving me hard times to get a neat application.
It's still my most favorite color, though. Lol
I'll update the last 2 colors soon ;D

Reen <3

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