Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Health Problem :(

Hi guys.. It's been a week since last post, I think. Well, isn't it?

Actually I've got a little health problem lately. I am still in recovery process right now. Oh, I'm feeling really weak :( This is why I've been neglected my blog and also my online shop too.

I've ever told you I feel pain on my head almost everyday that I depends on coffee to cure it -hate to take medicines, you know-. Well, it got me now. I got a really serious headache last Thursday that even coffee can't hold it anymore. My tummy also feels weird as if I want to vomit. ><
I actually hate going to doctor, but since I can't take it anymore, I asked my boyfriend to take me to the hospital.

The doctor said they're only flu symptoms, so he gave me TWO injections (which are really painful!) and also prescribed me some medicines to be taken at home. I got four kinds of medicines, a painkiller for my headache, and the other three are medicines for digestion problems. Oh, I was also shocked to know that I got really high blood pressure! It's 170/70mmHg! (Or 170/90, I can't really remember which number the doctor said that time.)

My medicines ><

When I told my family, my little sister nagged me for taking to much coffee. Oh silly me, nagged by my own little sister. Anyway, thanks for worrying about me, lil sis! xDD

I spent my weekend only to recovering from my illness. I feel a lot better right now, but still not fully recovered. I wish I'll recover ASAP!! My classes are starting to get really hectic! ><

Anyway, I'm here to tell you to take real care of your health. Seriously. I wasn't taking care of it really serious before but now I'm more concerned. Especially if I remember how expensive the cost I was spending back then at the hospital. Yeah, doctor''s consultation fee and the medicines. And also those painful, super expensive injections I got. >< Health can be really expensive, you know.

Take care of yourself pretty good! Have a healthy lifestyle (I'm learning to have it now!) and... Have a plenty of rest too. :p
Reen <3

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