Tuesday, September 25, 2012

REVIEW : Essie Summer Collection 2012 in "Mojito Madness"

Finally I'm able to review the last shade of this year's Essie Summer Collections. <3 It's the green shade one called "Mojito Madness". And oh! Since this post, I also apply base and top coat on my nails. You know I've just obtained them for... Let's just say last week. xDD

 Essie Summer Collection 2012 in "Mojito Madness"

Sorry, the picture is rather dark.. I forgot to take the pic the day I polished my nails with this color, so I just took them like, just few minutes ago. ><

To tell you the truth, "Mojito Madness" isn't my favorite color. It isn't as vibrant as the other color, and it doesn't look too special on my nails. However, it's still have a decent color payoff.

 Essie Summer Collection 2012 in "Mojito Madness" - SWATCH

The texture isn't as runny as Fear of Desire or Bikini So Teeny, but I found it harder to apply than Off The Shoulder. It clumps a lot as the liquid texture is too thick.. >< I have to re-apply several times to get an even application. The brush is also made application harder.. >< Kinda dissatisfied with this one... :(

Color : 3/5
Texture : 3/5
Application : 2.5/5

Reen <3

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