Sunday, September 16, 2012

FOTD : New Haircut!! (+ Simple Party Look)

Ahoooyy!! How does your weekend go, folks? Mine's pretty relaxed. I went to church on Saturday, like usual, and today, Sunday, I was chilling at home during noon and then escorted my mom to attend a wedding reception in Southern Jakarta. Drove quite a loonggg way since I live in West Jakarta... Tiring... **sigh**

Anyway, since it's a party, my mom called a hair stylist to help us style our hairs, so I took the chance to have a haircut too. My hair's pretty messy, you know.. It's been about 3 or 4 months since the last time I cut it. My bangs has grown too long and pretty annoying sometimes. I did the makeup myself, though. =D

So... Here's my new hair looks like :

I actually didn't intended to cut it THIS short, since I tried to grow it longer, but... Meh.. whatever... I'm kinda satisfied too.
I took the pic after I came home from the reception. That means it's been about three hours since I did the makeup (I did the makeup at around 5.30p.m and I took the pic at 9 p.m). NO TOUCH UP AT ALL! 
I wear my YSL Glossy Stain today. As you know, I've done a review about that product before, but I got impressed even more with this product today.
I ate multiple times during the reception; a heavy meal -main course-, one snack, one ice cream, and also desserts (OKAY! I admit! I have a huge appetite! =D), and it's only fading a little bit. It still showed up nicely in the pic above! Really satisfied as I paid quite much for a LIP PRODUCT!

And also... that necklace.. Which I bought from Drama Kitty Shop.. It looks pretty, don't you think so? I also wear the earrings, but it's not visible in the pic since I let my hair covering the ears.

Really, my makeup today make me a little bit narcissistic (sadly I'm still not that photogenic. Among all pics I took, this pic I posted here is the best.)

What I wear today (all the complexions are always the same; Monistat, Benefit, M.A.C):
*Eyes :
-e.l.f. Studio Eye Primer and Line Sealer (using Primer side)
-Kanebo KATE Eyebrow Mascara "LB-01"
-Sleek "Oh So Special" Palette; "Bow" for entire eyelid, "The Mail" for upper lashline, and "Gift Basket" for crease.
-Physician's Formula Trio Gel Eyeliner for Blue Eyes, using Brown shade for both lashline
-Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara
*Cheeks & Lips :
-NARS Powder Blush "Deep Throat"
-YSL Glossy Stain #15 "Rose Vinyl"

Alright.. It's gotten kinda late now... I got morning class to attend tomorrow. I'll see you soon, 'kay? ;D

Happy Sunday, folks!!
Reen <3

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