Thursday, December 27, 2012

REVIEW : Z Palette Pro Black Palette

Hey guys. Firstly, I would like to say...


I know I'm late. But better late than never, right?

For today, I'd like to brag about my new stuff. Been wanting this since I first knew it, but you know... Hesitating upon seeing the price. LOL. However I finally decided to buy this after my 4 Wet n Wild Lipsticks I ordered came to me broken. Most of them melted during shipment and can't be used from it's tube. Yeah, I have to depot them and place them in another palette.

Oh well. I haven't mention the stuff, have I? It's a Z Palette!! It's been very famous in the US, but it's rarely heard here in Indonesia. I am one of (as far as I know) the very few online shops that actually accepting pre-order for this stuff. It's basically an empty makeup palette with no partition. The base of the palette is magnetized, to hold the makeup pan from moving inside the palette.

Z Palette Pro Black Palette - EMPTY & CLOSED

Z Palette Pro Black Palette - EMPTY & OPENED

I choose myself the Pro-sized one, to save on shipping fee. LOL. At first I'm in between this one, or the leopard-patterned one, but considering cleanness, I ended up with the Black one. 

Measurement (taken from Z Palette's official website) :
Outside 8.06"L x 5.44"W x 0.56"D
Inside 7.44"L x 4.75"W x 0.25"D

For every purchase of the palette, you'll also get a set of 20 pcs round metal stickers. The metal sticker is very useful if you are depotting a product which pan isn't made from metal (like M.A.C. single eyeshadow). The metal sticker can also be purchased separately, as well as the metal pan (if you want to depot your lipstick, concealers, or pressing a loose pigments). Fortunately, both Inglot and UD pans are made from metals, so I can keep the stickers for other pans. 

The round metal stickers

I mainly use this palette to place my Inglot eyeshadows, and move my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV from its original bulky palette, so it'll be more travel friendly. Depotting UD is pretty easy, since the palette is made from cardboard. 

Depot in progress

And here's the finished look after depotting : 

(Whoops! Sorry for the dirty spot there! It'a a glue residue from my M.A.C. >< My bad)
The larger square pans there are my Inglot eyeshadows, and the smaller squares are my UD BOS IV. The small round one there? It's my M.A.C Single Eyeshadow! LOL. I decided to depot it too so it'll be easy for me when I use it along with the other shadows. I'll fill up the empty spaces with more Inglot, and also, my Wet n Wild lipsticks! I'm still waiting for the empty pans. LOL 

For depotting tutorials, you can check it on youtube. Just type the keyword how to depot <product name> Ex : how to depot lipsticks; how to depot wet n wild color icon eyeshadows.
You can also check Z Palette's website. They also include several video tutorial for depotting.

BOTTOM LINE : I reaaaaalllly love this palette so much! It's big, and the design is sleek and slender, very travel friendly. I strongly recommend this palette for you guys who are a Makeup Artist, or if you love buying makeup refill pans. lol

Reen <3


  1. i love your idea.. never think of break down my palettes !! inspiringgg thanks!

    1. been thinking of this since I first heard about Z Palette. LOL. But still, nothing beats its original palette. xD

  2. this one should be great too for those who want to create their very own palette! >.<

    1. MY GOAATT LIINNE!! dari kmrn pas nulis aku nyari2 kata yg tepat, and you reminded me of those words!!


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