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TUTORIAL : Depotting Your Lipstick

The idea isn't originally mine. But in case you're too lazy to watch from youtube, I am posting this for that purpose. ;D

If you have a broken lipstick, worry not! Don't rush to throw it away. You can melt it and place it in an empty jar or pan, and then you can keep using it! You can also do this to create a new shade by combining 2 shades of your own lipsticks altogether (although I'm not really recommending it). So, without being too much blabbering, let's just start. Okay?
The depotted lipsticks

So here are what you'll need :

1. A piece of old newspaper.
You wouldn't want to makes a mess on your table or floor -wherever you do this- so I recommend preparing an old newspaper as a cover.
2. Candle
I recommend using a candle in a glass like in this picture below, so you don't have to worry about the candle might fall.

3. Lighter/Match
You'll need this, obviously, to lit the candle. I am using a gas lighter here, but you can use any other lighter; or a traditional wooden matches. xD

4. The Lipstick You'll Depot
Here, I'd like to depot my own Wet n Wild Lipstick, since they arrived at my place broken and half-melted. ><
 5. Empty Pans/Jar
After you melt the lipstick, you will need a new container to place them. I choose to use empty pans I bought from Coastal Scents since I'd like to fill my Z Palette. You can also use an empty jar or maybe empty contact lens case too!
6. Toothpicks/Small Spatula
In case you don't have any spatula, you can use tooth picks, or anything long and flat, to scrape any leftovers.

7. Disinfecting Agents/Alcohol
You'll be needing this to disinfect the empty pan/jar, and also the spoon. And don't forget your hands! You wouldn't want your lipstick to be contaminated with bacteria, would you? I'm using a rubbing alcohol here.
8. Unused Tablespoon
Pick an unused one, because we'll burn its back. LOL

9. Tissue
To wipe any product leftovers from the spoon. And also to wipe dry any alcohol leftovers.

10. Cotton Pad
Tissue is very fragile upon meeting liquids, so I recommend using cotton pads to wipe the alcohol/disinfecting agents on the tools.

After you gather all the materials, let's start!
1. Spread the newspaper and put the candle on it.
2. Prepare your empty container and spoon. Dampen your cotton pad with alcohol. Rub the spoon and empty container. Wipe dry with tissue
3. Take the lipstick out and put it on the disinfected spoon. You might use a toothpick/spatula to help you cutting the lipstick bar. It'll be like this :
4. Lit the candle. Place the spoon over the candle's fire. Keep the spoon not too close to the fire, or it  may goes off. (It happens to me!) The perfect distance should be like these pics :

5. It'll take around 2-3 minutes before it started to melt like this 
6. After the lipstick all melted, you can pour it into it's container. Be quick before the lipstick hardens!
7. Wait for about 3-5 minutes for the product to harden. After the product's hard, you can wipe off any excess around the edge of the container. 
8. If you are going to depot another lipstick, wipe any leftovers on the spoon with a tissue. Careful not to get your hands dirty! If there's any hard spot, wipe with alcohol. Repeat step 2-7.
You lipstick is now ready to use!! As for mine's they're now ready to be placed in the palette! Yay!

Sorry for the mess. The middle one is my first attempt of depotting, so it's really messy and looking gross.. ><

As I've mentioned earlier, these tutorial isn't originally by me. You can find a bunch of similar tutorial on Youtube. Just type in the keyword "depotting lipstick" to find the video. 
Good luck!


  1. wuaaaw thanks for the helpful tutorial reen :*

  2. thanks for sharing <3
    gonna try it soon ^^

  3. Hayy Reen...
    I'm nominating you on Liebster award
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    1. thanks for the nomination.. ;D I've been doing this before.. :)

  4. wow thanx for the step by step in case I need to depot my broken lipstick but usually I just too lazy to do it :p

    just follow you dear :D

  5. it's surely tiring and takes quite long time, but the result is worth it. =D

    followed back dear <3


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