Sunday, December 16, 2012

REVIEW : Candy Eye Belle Bright Grey Lens

I fell in love with this lens when I saw a fellow blogger, Margy from Margylove, posted her picture wearing the lens. I immediately contacted Dreamie Chuppa to buy one for myself!

I bought this lens along with EOS Blytheye Pink to obtain her special promo; IDR 210.000 for any type of EOS lens + any type of Candy Eye lens. I also got a small stuffed pig too as a bonus!

Specifications :
Diameter : 14.50mm
Water Content : 48%
Duration : 6 months
Material : Silicone Hydrogel

COLOR (5/5)
All I can say is I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEE the color. On the vial, I received the lens, the lens looks like almost transparent. The grey pattern is very sheer; I can only notice its dark grey limbal ring and the brown inner circle. But when I put them on my eyes, the grey glows brightly! The dark grey limbal ring disappeared, and the brown inner circle also fades, making the lens look like having grey-hazely color. Love, love love!!!!

Despite lacking a proper limbal ring, and being 14.50mm in diameter, it has a decent enlarging effect on my eyes. Not too visible, though.

The material is quite a new innovation, in my opinion. The lens are made from silicone hydrogel. I actually don't know what makes it different from the other material, but I notice this lens has better comfort than ordinary lens. I wore it for 8 hours before it starts to feel dry, despite the high water content. It's pretty thin too, so I feel like I'm not wearing any lens.

OVERALL : 4.5/5
This lens has been my new favorite right now, even beating EOS lens for its comfort and color. No regret buying this! xD

You can purchase the lens at Dreamie Chuppa. No worries for any inquiries; the owner is really kind and friendly!

EXTRA!! FOTD while wearing Candy Eye Belle Bright Grey

Reen <3


  1. hihihi.. Like thiss... mata mu kek vampire rin.. tp in cute way kok.. sukaa bgdd.. aaa.... lg jatuh miskin jd tak bs lgs membeli.. hohoho..

    1. Ikkksss... Thankyouu Tata darlingss :* beli Beli... nyesel kalo Ngga.. **racun**

  2. it makes your eyes look dolled up, misty, and dreamy. love it^^


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