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REVIEW : Green Mommy Rainforest Series [SPONSORED]

Hi, folks!!
I received an email about a month ago from Bliss Coll, an online shop based on Facebook, reselling Green Mommy products. They sent me the package in this red box. Very cute. <3

What is Green Mommy? It's a local homemade brand here in my country producing natural organic personal care products, such as bath soap, scrubs, etc.

My package consists of 3 products which I'll review in this post. 

1. Rainforest Paradise Mist in "Green Tea"

The first product in my package that I'll be reviewing is Rainforest Paradise Mist. I received mine in Green Tea. This product is multifunction; can be used as face mist, hair mist, and body mist. Can also be used as face toner substitute. 
The product came in a 60ml spray bottle. What I don't like from this packaging is the label size. Ir's bigger than the bottle size that it ends up having "bumps" which is not pretty.. Well, at least in my eyes. 
I've tried using this as face mist, and I have to said that it didn't work on me. While it's very refreshing and helps me in controlling excess oil on my T-Zone area, my cheeks is getting drier. I've tested it for a few consecutive days and my cheeks ended up having dry patches and also get irritated (since it's extremely dry). 
I've also tried using this as body mist. Upon spraying, the fragrance is refreshing and light, but disappears shortly after. Guess it's quite good for after shower. xDD

This product, being an organic product without any kind of preservative agents, has a very short expiry date. Mine's labelled being produced on July 2013 and having the expiry date on October 2013, which means it only has 3 months shelf life. 

2. Rainforest Coffee And Cacao Body Scrub

The second to be reviewed is Rainforest Coffee and Cacao Body Scrub. (Bliss knew I am coffee junkie, I guess.. *smirk*)
This scrub came in a thick clear plastic bag; which I found pretty inconvenient since you have to prepare another container to store remaining product that have yet to be used. I use a container like this :

According to the package it's made from coffee, cacao, sugar, coconut, nutmeg ans such (sorry I forgot the complete listing of ingredients). 
The scrub is brown with tiny grated pieces of coconut. It smells like... nutmeg..? I guess.. lol Oh well, as far as I know, it smells like spices.
The scrub is quite loose, since it's got no creamy substance (like conventional, factory-produced scrubs). I found this looseness is pretty troublesome, as the scrubs will falling out when you apply it on your skin. It surely is messy. 
It's also quite rough on skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. To reduce the roughness, make sure your body is wet enough! Be careful if you have wounds -even the minor ones- as it can be very painful if you accidentally scrubbed them.
Green Mommy claimed this product can reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. I myself have trouble with them appearing on my inner thighs. Both of them. And I have to admit, this scrub really does what it claims to do. Yes, my stretchmarks is fading away!!
It was a lot worse before, the stretch marks spreads from my upper thigh down towards my knee, appearing pretty red and visible. It's not too visible by now. 
As for cellulite, it's not really working. I need to work out, I guess.. xDD
After using this scrub, my skin feels smooth, clean, and lighter. And just like the packaging's said, I don't need to wash my body with soap/shower creams/foams anymore. I feel clean already. xD
The remaining of my stretch marks

3. Organic Loofah

When I received this, I am confused on how to use this. I never use natural loofah for shower, and the loofah is very stiff and dry! Just like stone xDD Bliss kindly told me how to use it, and I was very surprised when it softens upon contact with water. I am too... dumb, maybe? xDD
Since it's made from natural ingredients, the loofah is rougher than factory-made loofah or shower net, but it lifts off dead skin cells very well. My skin feels smoother after bathing with this loofah.
For a loofah made from organic plant like this, I was pretty surprised with its sturdiness. I've been using this a few times, and it's still looks like new.

Bottom lines :
1. Paradise Mist
Packaging (1.5/5)
Product (3/5)
Application and Usage (3/5)
Repurchase : NO

2. Body Scrub
Packaging (3/5)
Product (4.5/5)
Application and Usage (3/5)
Repurchase : YES

3. Organic Loofah
Product (3/5)
Usage (4.5/5)
Longevity (4.5/5)
Repurchase : NO

If you're interested to buy the products, you can check out their FB Bliss Coll.  Aside from selling Green Mommy products, they also sell souvenirs like applique towels.
N.B : The pics of Green Mommy products on their FB haven't completely uploaded yet. You can ask them for any products you want. 

Reen <3

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