Friday, September 20, 2013

RANDOM : Vanity Table Tour

Hi folks! I've just cleaning up my vanity table, so I got a little confidence to show it off to you guys. xDD
First of all, I warn you..  I am not an organized person, so it's pretty messy and unorganized. Second, I don't have too many products, so you'll see some empty space in my storage. Hahaha... xDD Lastly, this post is pic heavy!!

Oh well, here's what my vanity table looks like :

Simple, right? My mom bought this table at Informa, a local furnishing store. The table is made from wood and has a glossy finish, which makes cleaning easy for me. Sadly it only come in this brown color, doesn't match my room's color theme; blue. (well, it's hard to find a blue furniture here...) It has a pretty big mirror, enough to see half of my body from the head to waist. xDD

So, the first part is the table top. Here I put my beauty supplies; cotton pad, tissue, makeup brushes and sponges, and hair brushes here. I also put my Sephora Blockbuster palette here, since it can't fit any of my drawers. The blue basket on the right is a trash bin for me to throw used cotton pad, q-tips or tissue. There's also a hand mirror I always use to do my eye makeup. Usually I also put my body lotion and 1L Cetaphil bottle on the left side of my table top, but my maid often move it into my toiletries basket (not pictured)

The rarely-used products are being kept behind makeup brushes

A little over the table top is a glass rack which I use to put my bottles :

On the left side of the rack is my daily skincare, cleansing oil, and deodorant. There's also a dry shampoo there (should be moved to the right xDD)

On the right side of the rack is my fragrances, foundation, and hair products. 

The table also have a single drawer which I use to store my lip makeup, circle lenses, and some beauty tools :
On the top left side of the drawer is my earrings box (the small red one on the top left-a gift from my best friend), and my 2 necklaces box (the small pink one inside a pink drawstring pouch the top right -the necklace I'm currently wearing; a bday gift from my man and the bigger red underneath the two small boxes containing my silver necklace). The green basket beside my jewelries is my stock of unopened circle lenses and lens cases I haven't used. The pink basket, as you can see, is my lip makeups.. xDD 
My circle lenses are in the cases I put in line there on the bottom right side of the picture. I also put my q-tips, eyebrow grooming tools (tweezer, small scissors, and spoolie), as well as some other tools here. 

Next.. we move below my vanity table. Here's where I put my makeup drawer. Most of my makeup goes there :
Right under my vanity table

Beside my vanity table

The black drawer contains my most used makeup. There's some sectioning on top of the drawer where I put my travel bottles and masks which can't be put on the table itself. I bought this at Ace Hardware.
Behind is my travel bottles and my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, in the middle is my two masks, eye drop (a regular Visine for non-contact lens wearer), and glasses (nb : I don't know where to put it so I just put it here lol) The toothbrush is for washing my hair brush xDD

The top part contains my face makeup; face primer, concealers, powders, blushes, and contouring makeup.

The middle part contains my eye makeup outside eyeshadows; eyebrow makeup, eyeliners, pencil shadows, and mascara. I also put my brow stencil, lash glue, and sharpener here.

The bottom part contains all my eyeshadow collections; both palette and singles. I also put my empty pan and the metal sticker from Z Palette here.

I use the purple drawer beside my vanity for other beauty and fashion items :
The basket above the drawer is my lashes collection (the one in golden box is my fave <3!!)

The top part of the drawer is my shoes insoles and clothing tape, there's also refill pads for eyelash curler (but I already thrown my curler away since it's broken xDD)

The middle part contains my newly bought pigments. The two theBalm products are for upcoming giveaway :p *sneakpeek*

The bottom part contains my nail polishes. Most of my nail polishes have been thrown away due to drying.

Lastly, my hair styling tools :

I am not very good at hair styling, so these are the only two I have. I rarely use the waver too.. xDD I got the cute pink tray from my niece's one month old goodies. When not being used I put the tray on the vanity stool, or else the cable will be chewed by Chobi x( He's naughty!

Well.. That's it for my vanity table tour! I hope you folks enjoy it!

Reen <3


  1. aaa.. liad ada skinfood wash off mask.. :3 jadi rapii skr riinn.. wwkkwk.. gw punya masi brantakan :3

    1. Ahahah iya skrg rapi tapi besok juga bakal berantakam lg abis dandan... xDD

  2. aaaaaaa reen dirimu rapihhh >.<
    punyaku berantakan abis LOL

  3. Replies
    1. Lol thanks! It's usually messy cz I don't have much time for cleaning up :p

  4. *first impression* aaaaaaaaaaaahh,,,rapih bgt say,,bener2 tertata sesuai dgn rapih,,gak kayak meja riasku,,berantakan abis (>_<) mesti dicontek nech penataan meja riasnya,,hehehe

    1. Hahaha lg ada waktu ngerapiin makanya bersih lol.. I'm glad kalo bisa menginspirasi xD


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