Thursday, March 14, 2013

REPORT : Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Event

My favorite brand was holding an event! And yes, as the title said, it's Yves Saint Laurent! The event was held on Saturday, February 23rd 2013 back then, at Mall Taman Anggrek, which fortunately located not too far from my house <3 The event started at 2 p.m. I was invited as the part of Indonesia Beauty Blogger's member. There were about 10+ IBB members being invited. I also spotted one of the admin there, Tia.

the event

The event is about the launching of their newest product line; the Top Secret Line. I was coming late (traffic jam errrgghh) so I kinda missed the explanation, continued with a makeup demo from their special guest MUA. There was snack and drink too, provided by Bakerzin <3

the snack! And to be honest, that was my first time eating a macaroon. xDD

Aside the makeup demo, which I took some other tips to create a natural glowing look, I also take time to socialize. I am actually not a social person, but I tried. I managed to talk with several bloggers; Lidia Caterine (the Beauty Pride), Fweegy (Muse's Wonderland), and Felicia Permata (Bubblegum Happiness), Nita (Nitaarts -did I spell the blog right?), and Beatrix (Beatrix Dilla). I didn't really talk much, not because I am anti-social or something, but I just.... not good at socializing... *sob* Anyway I was quite amazed with the blogger friends recognizing me instantly. Not because I am popular or what *slapped* but they said myself, in person, look exactly the same as the photos. Well, I personally don't think so LOL

Jesslyn was having a make over. The MC is pretty!! And the MUA.. She's just gorgeous!

Anyway, back to the event; it's really fun! During the make over demo, invitees are allowed to take a look at YSL products. The BAs are assisting us. They are so nice! I was instantly get absorbed looking at the lip products display! LOL

The super attractive lip display

YSL Top Secret, the newest arrival

YSL Forever Youth Liberator

Holiday Collection 2012

Fweegy, assited by the BA was swatching on YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

I only managed to take pic with these ladies :
Felicia Permata from BubbleGum Happiness

Fweegy from Muse's Wonderland

And... My makeup for that day :
Neutral Brown Eyes + Bright Pink lips (believe me, the lips is a lot brighter in real ><)
As this was YSL's event, I used some of YSL's products I owned; Touche Eclat and Glossy Stain (in #15 Pink Vinyl)

I really love this pic, but somehow I think it's kinda blurry, eh?

Anyway, we, the invited bloggers also get a goodie bag :

 And also a cupcake! It's so cute <3

The event ends at 4 p.m. We managed to take some picture of us the IBB members attending the event. (exclude Lidia, who had to leave earlier for family matter). I also took the staffs picture xDD

IBB Members

YSL staffs for the event <3

Whoa... what a long post, eh? And lots of pics too. Anyway I am so sorry the pic quality is mediocre. I accidentally left my camera at home, so I have to take pic with my Android device and also my Blackberry xDD But the pics aren't too bad too, right?

See you next time, 
Reen <3


  1. hiiiii reeeeennn >.<
    next time kita ngobrol yakkk
    nice to meet youuu
    by the way kamuuu tinggi yaaaa ^^

    with love,

    1. Iya Nihh Kmrn ga Sempet ngobrol kita... ><

      kmrn pake Heels tinggi ituuu.. Hahah aslinya Mah ga segitu Lol

    2. next time kudu chit chat biar saling mengenal lebih dalam
      hihihi *bahasanya rada gimana gitu ga ya?*
      tapi pakai ga pakai heels tetap cantik koq >.<

    3. Ahahaha...rebeeesss..... makasiihh Loh :*

  2. love love love your makeup dear! so simple yet cute! :) dazzling! :)


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